Dawn J. Bennett Asked Herbert London What He Thought of Trump’s First Days in Office

Earlier this year, Dawn J. Bennett had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Herbert London. London is a conservative activist and the President of the London Center for Policy Research. They spoke shortly after Trump was sworn in as President of the United States to discuss why so many people got it wrong about Trump’s victory and their assessment of Trump’s performance so far. You can read the transcript notes of the interview on Dawn J. Bennett’s national radio show, Financial Myth Busting, here, but here were a few points they discussed if you’re pressed for time:

Trump Became the Voice of Forgotten Americans: One of the things that amazed London about Trump was his ability to tap into the voice of the forgotten Americans. These were people who were idle – they were no longer being counted in unemployment reports. According to London, they were people who were left out of the equation. Somehow, a billionaire was able to tap into this voice and get them to believe in his ability to give them some hope.

London Is a Tough Grader but He Liked How Trump Started Out: Dawn J. Bennett asked London to assess Trump’s first few weeks in office, and London gave him a B+. Although there was room for improvement, London was particularly impressed with the Defense team Trump had put together.

Neil Gorsuch Was the Right Pick to Fill Scalia’s Seat: When President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court vacancy, the Democrats were up in arms as they thought Gorsuch was too conservative. They were also still reeling over the Merrick Garland fiasco. London argued, though, that Gorsuch was the perfect pick to replace Scalia. Gorsuch went to the same schools as Scalia, and they both are originalists. London suggested that the reason why Democrats were fine with him for lower-court appointments in the past but not now was simply that he was Trump’s nominee.

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