Dawn J. Bennett Interviews Junk Science Publisher Steve Milloy

Dawn J. Bennett, host of Financial Myth Busting, recently interviewed Steve Milloy, publisher of the popular website Junk Science that debunks popular science myths. He is also the author of the new book, Scare Pollution: Why and How To Fix the EPA. In his interview with Bennett, Milloy weighs in on EPA Administrator and critic Scott Pruitt, the concerns about the EPA, and discusses his new book.

Bennett began the interview by asking Milloy if there is an issue that Pruitt approaches regulation from the perspective of a “polluter” and not from the perspective of an environmentalist.

Milloy responded that he doesn’t think there is an issue and environmentalists have spread the myth that our air is polluted.

“Our air is clean, our water is safe. It’s no longer 1970 or 1960 or 1950. EPA and Americans and states have spent the last 46 years cleaning up the air, and the air is clean. As a matter of fact, the air was clean 25 years ago.”

Bennett asked Milloy if he thinks Pruitt lacks experience in environmental protected, mentioning that Pruitt’s counterparties believe he’s not qualified. Milloy responded that Pruitt is the ideal administrator managing the EPA.

“I think Scott knows more about the EPA and the wickedness, if you will, of the agency than most people, because he has sued the EPA almost a dozen times. He is well aware of how the EPA overreaches, and he’s probably the perfect administrator for reigning in the EPA and bringing this rogue agency within the law,” said Milloy.

Bennett commented that while the EPA launched a well-intended mandate in an effort to keep the environment clean, today it’s one of the most powerful Federal bureaucracies with the authority to regulate anything that could potentially affect the air, water, and earth.

Milloy also mentioned that he has worked EPA issues for 25 years now and he has yet to see the environmentalists not lie or distort the truth.

“As a matter of fact, we cleaned [the environment] up a long time ago, it’s been clean for a while. There’s really nothing left to do but maintain what we have, and if we have accidents, yeah, let’s take care of it. But, people should not confuse that with what the environmentalists are saying, that the environment’s in terrible shape and this guy Scott Pruitt, he’s going to let industry run wild.”

Bennett then stepped into Milloy’s recent book, Scare Pollution, which focuses heavily on how the EPA has declared that our air is polluted and are enacting one regulation after the next in order to control what goes into the air. The book also contains information about the EPA intentionally exposing Americans to toxic gasses.

Milloy explained, “My book is largely about the EPA’s one of flagship regulatory programs, its air quality program for particulates or soot in the sky. EPA has gotten to the point where they claim that one out of four deaths in America every year is caused by soot in the sky. All they ever had to back this up was some really lousy statistical studies, and to provide their statistical studies with some actual medical or scientific plausibility, they started conducting experiments on humans where they would expose old people, sick people, asthmatics, combinations thereof, to extremely high levels of pollution, treating them like guinea pigs.”

To read the complete interview, click here.

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